The Best Travel Therapy Benefits

Therapeutic Resources offers the best paying travel therapy jobs with bonuses. All travelers will be employed with Therapeutic Resources, not the hiring clinic. As such, our staff will carefully guide you through the hiring process and collect all necessary credential information which may be required by JCAHO, the clinic and Therapeutic Resources. Therapeutic Resources will provide all malpractice, workman's comp and liability insurance for our employees.

Therapeutic Resources provides:

Competitive Pay
Therapeutic Resources traveling therapists receive the most competitive pay in the industry. Because
we are a small company with minimal overhead, we are able to pass our savings on to you. Many factors
will determine rate of pay, including experience as a traveling therapist, assignment location, length of
assignment and specialty. Contact Therapeutic Resources for specific details on pay rate.

Medical Insurance
Therapeutic Resources provides a generous medical insurance plan with Regence Blue Cross to all
full time employees at no cost. Dependents and family members are elegible to enroll for an additional fee.

Dental Insurance
Therapeutic Resources offers all full time employee an optional dental insurance plan.

Licensure Reimbursement
As a traveling therapist you will be reimbursed for direct expenses related to obtaining state licensure in
the state of your job.

Travel Reimbursement
Therapeutic Resources provides generous tax-exempt travel allowances for travel related to your

Professional Liability and Workman's Compensation Insurance
Ease your mind by knowing that you are fully covered by our company policies.

Direct Deposit
We want to make things easy for you. We know when moving to a new area what an inconvenience it is
to deposit your check each week. That's why we offer free direct deposit to our traveling employees.

Referral Bonus
Referral of a friend is the best compliment we can receive. If your friend completes an assignment or
520 hours of work, you will receive a generous referral bonus.

Loyalty Bonus
Our goal at Therapeutic Resources is to establish long-term relationships with our employees and we
believe you should be rewarded for your loyalty. Sign on for a second thirteen-week assignment and
receive a minimum $500 bonus.

Continuing Education
As fellow clinicians, Therapeutic Resources realizes the importance of continuing education, and that's
why we offer education funds for our employees. At Therapeutic Resources you can earn up to $500 a
year in continuing education funds.


  • After 26 weeks of work: $100
  • After 39 weeks of work: $200
  • After 52 weeks of work: $200


As a therapist your days are spent taking care of others. That's why it's important that you have a SAFE,
comfortable, clean, quiet and relaxing place to return to at the end of your day. When it comes to Therapeutic Resources, you have options!

Option 1: The majority of our employees prefer to receive their housing stipend as a tax-free hourly

Option 2: You can receive your monthly housing allowance at a lump sum at the beginning of the month
and find housing independently.

Option 3: Therapeutic Resources staff can search for housing for you.

Traveler accommodations are typically one-bedroom private apartments that come complete with stocked kitchen, furnishings, and utilities (excluding telephone and cable). Additional options are many and include:


  • Two-bedroom unit at reasonable cost to you
  • House allowance if you stay with family or friends
  • Pet allowance


You can move in two days prior to your assignment, giving you a chance to unwind, unpack and explore
your home away from home. Travel with Therapeutic Resources and we will personally assist you to ensure that your needs are met and that you enjoy your temporary home.

Generally, thirty days before a job ends, your recruiter will notify you of the facilities request to extend the contract or end at thirteen weeks. If the facility opts to end the contract, your recruiter will work aggressively to find another applicable job for you in the month ahead. Therapeutic Resources' goal is to give every traveling employee personal, competent and reliable service and ensure that their assignments are professionally and personally rewarding.